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Startiio Software Features

Startiio is online software built specifically for companies in service-based industry like fencing, concreting, pressure washing, decking, lawn maintenance and many more. What Startiio presents to you is an all-in-one software tool that you can place on your website to allow customers to get an online quote/bid for the service they need along with the pricing, including the Automatic follow-ups with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to make it easier, cheaper and faster for your business to win more work without the cost of hiring sales and marketing teams

Instant Bids/Quotes

Your customer will be provided with the fastest bids and quotes in the industry. Our team has worked for years to perfect this system, and here it is now. People on your website will be able to measure their properties accurately and receive the exact costs of their job with an automatic quote which is sent to them via email, 100% hands free.Qualify Quotes/Bids
Customers can measure jobs online using Google map
How convenient is this? Our software is integrated with an option for Google maps, so your customers can locate their area, measure the specific boundaries, and then accurately measure their cost and quote. This feature will save hours of time spent on doing on-site examinations and can save you multiple visits.
Automatic Emails
Well, this is where the good part comes in. our CRM software is integrated with your customer’s profiles and credentials in the perfect manner so they can receive follow-up emails. This is a great way to build marketing team and induce accurate tracking responses, without having to hire a marketing or sales team, by doing this you will win more work.

Automatic SMS

Some customers seldom check their emails. But we have you covered with our CRM software that also sends automated text messages to your customer’s phones. This is a great tool to remind them and update them instantaneously, research shows that 98% of SMS are check when emails are only check 53% of the time, this increase your customer reading your bid and any of your communications over your competitions by 45%, this is why we include Automatic SMS in all of our plans

Automatic Voice Drops

Almost no one has heard about this technology, let alone use it, very simply put, we record you pretending to leave a voice mail (don’t worry we have scripts for you to use) we upload this into our CRM, and these are sent automatically in our marketing workflows.
Automatic Voice DropsOur CRM takes your recording and uploads it to your customers voicemail, it then makes it seem that you have tried calling your customer, it looks like they have missed a call from you, our CRM then sends your customer an SMS 1 minute later, making it look like you have sent this saying you have just called.
This is the most powerful sales follow up tool by far, we trailed this in one of our fencing companies and we saw a huge increase in customers choosing our fencing company over our competitions.

Free Website

Don’t have a website, well don’t worry, we will create you a basic easy to navigate website all at no extra cost, no extra fees, worth more than $500 yours COMPLETELY FREE, if you already have a website, have this as an addition, its all apart of our offering to you!

Chat widget feature on your FREE website

Our software will allow you to chat with your customers on the spot and allow them to ask you any important questions and queries that they might have, this isn’t like any other chat feature you may have seen, customers can be on your website and you can be at a job site, when they ask you questions these are sent to you via SMS, so no matter where you are you can communicate with your customers all the time!

Video Recording Software

This is another useful feature that will enable your customers to upload videos of their area so you can Video Recording Softwareview them later and manage your inspection virtually. This will reduce any on-site examinations, which save time and costs, this will cut down on you driving around town, you will know exactly what you are walking into, because you have seen the site before you have even been there, in some instances, you may not even need to go out on site!
Virtual Site Inspections
We have utilized Virtual Site Inspection technology, this allows you and your client to video call each other, your client can walk you around your client’s property while you are out working on another clients property or sitting on a beach relaxing with your family.
Virtual site inspections are excellent for people who are already time poor, who want to get more time back to themselves, they are not for everyone, we all know that in some instance you need to meet with your client at their property, however virtual site inspections are the next best thing, we include this in all of our plans and discus these at length to see if your business will benefit from them or not.

QR Code Technology

Imagine this, you have just finished a job, and you have a sign in the back of your vehicle, you put this sign up, customers can now scan your QR Code and get directly taken to your Startiio Software, and get an instant quote/bid, they can also be chatting to you via your chat widget on your software, while standing at a job you have previously completed, what other company can do this? And you answering them via SMS while at another job or on holidays with your family! how many more happy customersQR Code Technology will you have, we all know that the happier customers are the more jobs we win
Online Chat Rooms
We have a chat room where all people who are subscribed to Startiio can chat and learn from each other, ask questions about pretty much anything, give us your ideas, what you might like to see in the Startiio Software, what hurdles you are facing so we can come up with ideas to help fix these.
Our online chat rooms are here for like minded people to help each other’s business’s grow, there is online training, 1-on-1 time with the developers and owners of the software, people who have helped along the way from website designers to content writers, you are free to contact these people and use their services to help grow your online presence, we will point you in the right direction.

Interactive Map with measurements on quote/bid

The map integrated with our tool is greatly interactive and easy to use. It will automatically generate a quote/bid based on the measurements that it will detect from your customers, they simply enter their address and click on our interactive map to measure their job

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