Roof Rainwater Drainage Calculations

Flat Roof Rainwater Drainage Calculations
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Roof Rainwater Drainage Calculations

Roof rainwater drainage calculations are necessary to be taken for the set up of a full and accurately function drainage system that carries away all the water that falls on the catchment area. Roof rainwater drainage calculations mainly include the calculation for an estimated cost that would be required and the estimated amount of material that would be needed.

Roof Rainwater Drainage Calculations

Rainwater Drainage Calculator

To obtain near to perfect roof rainwater drainage calculations, the factors that make an impact are a size of the roof (sq. ft), the elevation area other than the roof are (for flat roofs), and then the other important factors are the catchment area on the roof, rainfall speed, duration and the amount that falls.

The rainwater drainage calculator will process these key aspects along with the region and give out an estimated cost and amount of material required based on the rainfall cycle in the area.

Rainwater Drainage Calculator

Fence Repair Costs Calculation

Over time, the fence may start to look or feel worn out, and that is when it needs a repair. The average cost for a fence repair can be around $550. Fence repair cost calculations are dependent on the height of the fence, material, and the length of the installed fence. The taller the fence, the more cost it would consume.

As for the length, the damaged area would determine the material required and eventually the cost it would take up. Material plays a great role since fencing costs vary from material to material based on quality and functionality.

Fence Repair Costs Calculation

How To Calculate How Much Fencing You Need?

Here is how to calculate how much fencing you need:

–          Calculating the number of fence sections

No. of Sections of fence = Total Lineal Ft. / Width Per Fence Section.

–          Using the outcome number, calculate the No. of posts.

No. of Posts = No. of Sections of Fence + 1 + No. of Gates

–          The next step is determining the number of pickets which requires lineal feet to inch conversion by multiplying it with 12

No. of Pickets = Length of Project (Inches) / (Actual Width of Picket + Picket Spacing)

Having this calculated, further calculations for backer rails can be done. Roof rainwater drainage calculations can be done manually with formulas too.

How To Calculate How Much Fencing You Need

Block Fence Cost Calculator

Block Fence is made up of concrete blocks and mortar. To determine the cost of block fence installation, the block fence cost calculator will take the target area size as input to give out the estimated cost. Typically, concrete blocks cost $10 to $15 per square foot.

With accurate roof rainwater drainage calculations, for both material and cost, more efficiently functioning drainage systems can be acquired without having to spend an extra cost on the necessary material.

Block Fence Cost Calculator

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