We have priced our software to be affordable so if you are a single man operation or a multimillion-dollar company, our software is for you, we treat everyone fairly and the same, we do not like talking about pricing too much as we believe our product should speak for itself

Done For You Sales

Let's look at it how you would be able to implement

Done For You Sales
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Done For You Sales Teams

The simple nature of our software will enable you to easily edit and change the options you choose. With every function at your fingertips, you can easily change the quote and resend it to your client conveniently, while at their property or completing a Virtual Site Inspection.

Your client will then be automatically uploaded into your CRM, and then followed up with a series of Emails, SMS & Voice Drops, allowing you to do what you do best, and your system to win you more work!

Implement our software into your business and see more jobs won with little to no effort, truly a complete system for your business.


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1 User
$ 497 USD Monthly
  • Automated Bid/Quote Follow Up System SMS, Email & Voice Drops
  • Online Automatic Bid/Quote Software with built in Google Map Tool
  • FREE Website (One Page)
  • Video Recording Software Played on customer Bid/Quote
  • Easy To Use Re-Quote/Bid Function
  • Virtual Site Inspections
  • QR Code Technology
  • Fully Functional CRM
  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversations
  • Web Chat On Website
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • Calendar & Appointments
  • 100% Done For You bid/quote Business System
  • Marketing Pack - QR Coded Signs


2 Users
$ 797 USD Monthly
  • Everything in Standard Plus...
  • Software On Your Business Facebook Page
  • Upgraded Website - Free SEO for first month
  • Extra Custom Automated Workflows
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Workflow Marketing
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Reputation Management (Reviews)​
  • GMB Messaging​
  • More Reporting
  • Text To Pay - SMS Clients payment links


5 Users
$ 997 USD Monthly
  • Everything in Standard Plus...
  • Blog Page with 25 monthly articles Written For You
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimaztion Of Your Website
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Free Domain Name & Hosting
  • Personalized CRM
  • Extra SMS & Email Templates
  • Much Much More...

Let's look at it how you would be able to implement

No office teams needed
Chain Link Fence Calculator UK

No office teams needed

With the implementation of Startiio in your business, you would not need any office team to manage and control mundane business activities such as inventory control and updating your prices, following up clients, this will allow you to streamline multiple tasks at the same time and improve your work ethic and internal performance.

With no office personnel, you would be able to reduce management costs. Startiio has been developed keeping in mind your ease and convenience. Don’t have the budget to take on help at the office? Don’t worry; you don’t need it. Startiio can easily be adapted to and learned.