startiio is not your usual software. It combines two tedious jobs and provides you with a number of versatile features all that lead to your convenience and efficiency, one, dealing with time wasters you know are not going to choose your company to complete the works, and two, sales follow ups, you need a well-oiled sales team, we have solved these two issues with our software.

Fencing Software

Our Fencing Software

With our high-tech and innovative software, you can now provide your customers with the fastest quotes in the industry. What could be better than your customers to measure their properties and get the exact costs on the spot? It’s true. That too, followed by an email update, making it easier for you and your customers at the same time!

Lawn & Turf Software

Our Lawn & Turf Software

Customers now want fast solutions sitting at home. And that’s exactly what we are providing for you. An easy way to provide the best and most accurate software that will allow your customers to measure their lands and get a cost right there and then. Yes, you heard it right. No more visits and consultations are needed! It’s 100% accurate and will save you time and money!

Concreting & Resurfacing Software

Our Concreting & Resurfacing Software

What could be better than saving time, avoiding physical consultations, and wasting money on uninterested customers? Well, a software that does it all for you in a matter of minutes. Our concreting and resurfacing software will allow your clients to measure their properties and get an accurate quote right there and then! It’s 100% automatic and the best for your customers and you!

Excavation Software

Our Excavation Software

With years being spent to perfect this software, it is finally a viable solution for your customers. With accurate map measurements and on-the-spot costing, you can now avoid wasting expenses on customers who back out. Our software will provide the best quotes in the industry and perform routine follow-ups to ensure your clients are still on board and updated!

Guttering Software

Our Guttering Software

You can now provide your customers with the easiest measuring and costing software in the industry. Getting the fastest quotes has never been easier. Your clients can now avail the benefits of this software that will avoid any real-life consultations and save time for everyone! Followed by automatic email updates and catch-ups, what could be better than saving costs and time.

Pressure Washing Software

Our Pressure Washing Software

Want to avoid physical consultations and the extra costs that come with them? Don’t worry, our new and innovative software system allows your customers to measure and get the most accurate costs in the industry on your website, all by themselves! What could be better than avoiding uninterested clients? With automatic quotes being emailed too, the only thing you’re looking at is lesser headaches all over!

Decking & Paving Software

Our Decking & Paving Software

Oh, what a hassle this is. Well, not anymore. Our brilliant software allows your customers to measure their properties and get an accurate quote on your website, right there and then. These quotes will be automatically emailed to them, thus making your job easier and saving all the extra expenses you might have incurred owing to uninterested clients and unnecessary visits!

Verandas, Shade Sails & Carports Software

Our Verandas, Shade Sails & Carports Software

You can now allow your customers to get accurate measurements and quotes right there on your website. That’s right. Nothing is better than saving up the costs of unnecessary consultations and visits. Your customers will also be provided with an automatic quote being emailed to them instantly. So, all you have to worry about is nothing at all! Let our software handle all management problems!

Roofing Software

Our Roofing Software

With our innovative and customer-centric software, your clients can now obtain more accurate measurements and quotes on your website. These quotes will instantly be emailed to them, so you’ll be looking to hit two birds with one stone. Save up your time and avoid unnecessary costs and expenses that can vary all the time and cause uncalled-for issues.

Swimming Pool Software

Our Swimming Pool Software

Your customers can now easily use our innovative software to measure their properties on your website and instantly get an accurate quote of all the costs involved instantly. With times changing, our solutions will provide your customers with the fastest route to their construction problems! What could be better than avoiding unwanted costs and visits? Well, that’s exactly what our software is there for!